About Kayana

Kayana is a half-Haitian, half-Japanese, neo-soul singer-songwriter born and raised in New York. She got her start in music at the young age of three with piano lessons taught by her mother, who is a classical and jazz pianist, and former jazz concert producer. Her father is a former hip-hop/R&B producer and was one of the first producers to bring reggae dancehall music to FM radio.

Her new single “I Can’t Breathe” is her first self-produced single, and her call to justice as part of the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement. All proceeds from this single will be donated to an after-school music education program in under-served communities in New York City.

Kayana is a two-time New York University alumnus and can be found performing in various venues around New York City. Stay tuned on new releases by subscribing at KayanaMusic.com.